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The purpose of the Bamford Foundation is to improve the quality of life of individuals and to strengthen their communities, primarily in Tacoma, Washington and the South Puget Sound area of the Pacific Northwest.

History: The Bamford Foundation was established in 1990 by Calvin D. Bamford, Jr. and Joanne Bamford with the intent of supporting their home community of Tacoma, Washington. As long-time President of Globe Machine Manufacturing Company, founded in 1917 and located on Tacoma’s tide-flats, Calvin has demonstrated his commitment to give back to the Tacoma community through this foundation and through his membership on boards and in a variety of community organizations. Likewise, Joanne, having moved to the area in 1967 when she married Cal, has led a number of boards and has worked with many charitable organizations in the areas of education, human services and the arts, in order to improve the quality of life of families in Tacoma. The Bamford Foundation embodies the values that Joanne and Calvin instilled in their children and hope to instill in future generations. These values include the importance of family, life-long education, involvement in one's community, and generosity.

Learn more about the work of Globe Machine Manufacturing Company through this presentation:  link

What we support:

Over the past few years, the Bamford Foundation has continued to make grants aligned with our four priority giving areas, primarily within greater Tacoma and Pierce County, in the spirit of our mission to improve the quality of life of individuals and families and to strengthen their communities. The foundation supports 501c(3) nonprofit organizations, programs, partnerships, and capital projects that are effective (research-based); innovative; that promote equity, respect and diversity; and that invite individuals and families to use their voices and resources to strengthen their communities. The foundation board has worked on refining our priority giving areas this year, which all reflect the board’s value of the transformative role of lifelong education for individuals, families and communities:

  1. Basic Needs (food, clothing, shelter, health care, financial stability): we support organizations and programs that promote self-sufficiency through enabling individuals to meet their basic needs.
  2. Early Learning and Parent support: we promote the healthy development and learning of young children 0-6, our youngest citizens, though our support of organizations and programs which improve access to and quality of early learning experiences, support parents as their children’s first teachers, and enhance professional development of those who work with young children.
  3. Expanded Learning Opportunities: we support access to (and quality of) expanded learning opportunities for all of our community members, but in particular for children and youth, which includes participation in education-related programs in arts, cultural understanding and civic engagement; in the areas of STEM (science, technology, engineering and math); social-emotional learning; environmental education; and learning support programs (supporting different pathways to learning). 
  4. Access to Higher Education and Job training opportunities: we support programs and organizations that improve access to all youth (including individuals with disabilities) to opportunities in higher education and vocational training, including programs that support students to complete their degrees, and to identify and reach their academic, career and life goals.

Areas that the Foundation will not support:
- organizations that discriminate on the basis of ethnic origin,
gender, race, religion, or sexual orientation.
- Individuals (e.g. direct grants or scholarships for individuals)
- Religious or sectarian organizations whose principle activity is for
the benefit of their own members
- Basic Research
- Sponsorship
- Conferences
- Organizations that support violence

Notice about The Bamford Foundation’s current status: The foundation board has voted through to continue the Bamford Foundation’s current grant process of reviewing letters of inquiry and full requests by invitation only. If the potential grantees’ mission aligns well with the Bamford Foundation’s priorities, it is acceptable to contact the foundation’s director Holly via email to ask for consideration of an invitation to submit a letter. If you have been invited to submit a letter of inquiry to the Foundation, you may do so using the following contact information. The foundation will respond to a letter of inquiry with a specific request for an application and supporting documents. The foundation grants committee meets 4 times per year and will typically be able to respond to a letter of request within 3 months time.  Potential grantseekers may contact the director via email with any questions about the grant process or about the foundation’s priority giving areas. 

In order to inquire about submitting a letter of request, please contact the Bamford Foundation email at

We hope to post additional information about grants given and the grant process soon.

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